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LMT Idael Perez, CEO/Owner
About Awakening Hands LLC
Awakening Hands, LLC is a sole proprietorship owned by Idael Perez, LMT. Mr. Perez has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida since September, 2006, also National Certified by The Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Our mission is to run a profitable business by providing therapeutic massage in a caring, professional environment. We, at Awakening Hands, LLC offer massages in a variety of styles - traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue work, Sports Massage, Reflexology, and others. Our goal is to tailor the client's experience based on initial interview information, as well as in-the-minute feedback during the massage, to insure the client's comfort and satisfaction, and to increase repeat business. We intend to offer massage that is effective, yet respectful of the client's personal boundaries, so that the experience is relaxing and energizing for both the client and the provider. We are mindful of the overall experience - using quality oils/lotions/creams, appropriate scents, and soothing music, nature sounds or silence - as the client prefers.
Idael Perez, graduated in Miami Dade College in 2006. Since then he has directed his profession to treat sport injuries and provide a possibility to a better performance in the field. 

Among his certifications are Medical Massage Practitioner, Myoskeletal Alignment Specialist, Sports Massage Therapist. Mr. Perez has attended several seminars in the field delivered by Dr Ben Benjamin, Eric Dalton, David Gonzalez, Shamaya Cha..etc

Currently Mr. Perez is part of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and gets referral from several doctors(orthopedic, Neurologist, Chiropractors and Primary Care Physician) in the area,  as well as from some sports events (IRON MAN, Fired Up, A1A Marathon, Bike 305 among others).

Some of his regular clients are members of soccer teams, Golf practitioners and clients that one day needed a massage, tried his techniques and never went away.
Awakening Hands Intention: Devoting ourselves to loving others, devoting ourselves to our community around us, and devoting ourselves to creating something that gives us purpose and meaning. 

Awakening Hands Mission : To provide professional, top-quality therapeutic massages to relieve pain and stress, and to promote relaxation and well being to others to help making their lives better.

Awakening Hands Vision: Achieve optimum health by educating each patient about the body's infinite healing capacity- teaching and applying safe, natural and drug free prevention and wellness care